inspirational Monday

Aloha! Tengo que deciros una cosa : no sabéis lo feliz que me habéis hecho con tantos comentarios en mi última entrada. Después del tiempo que llevaba sin subir, no me esperaba ninguno, así que mi finde ha sido perfectos gracias a vosotr@s !!

Aloha! I´ve gotta tell you something : You can't imagine how happy you made me for all the comments Ive received in my last post. Since I took almost 2 months for upload a new one, I wasn't even expected one comment, so my weekend was great just because you made me smile with each one of your sweet comments. Thanks to you all!!

Cada semana me gusta empezar pasándome por tumblrs, youtube,etc.. visitando mis cuentas favoritas, aquellas que me inspiran tanto en looks como en decoración, en música como en cualquier cosa relacionada con el arte. Hoy os dejo un video que he visto hace unos minutos y que está ya marcado como uno de mis favoritos.

Feliz lunes y a comernos la semana ohana!!!

Each week I like starting it spending some time on my favorite tumblrs and youtube accounts, the ones that inspire me from fashion to music or decoration. (Everything related to art is taking into account). Here I leave you a video that I´ve watched a few minutes ago and is already on my favorite list.

Happy Monday and have a wonderful week ohana!!


You can follow this awesome girl in twitter @heyclaireee or in youtube as Claire Marshall.